The next great SaaS has a file extension of XLSX


Companies with a headcount of 25-250 contact me frequently. They have one concern: they know they can be more productive, they just don’t know how to get there.

I’m usually emailed by a Google-savvy employee or secretary. They’re low on the totem pole, and I tell them that I’ll meet with two of the highest-ranking people who know the operations of the company inside and out on Wednesday at 11 (or Thursday at 3, if that works better).

I’ll be told a bit about the company and what it does: stuff that I’m already in tune with because I have the internet. I’ll then be told, in one way or another, that they’re not as productive as they can be, and they spend a lot of time doing X when they could be spending a lot of time doing Y.

So I ask, “what are you using spreadsheets for right now?”

More than 90% of the time, the answer is right there in the spreadsheet, because spreadsheets are the poor-man’s CRUD.

On the off-chance they’re not using spreadsheets, they’re probably using big-box software that’s not malleable to their specific business requirements — admittedly, this makes my job a little harder, but fun nonetheless.

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By Josh