About Me


I’m a Minneapolis-based entrepreneur who happens to code. Despite previously living in Boston and San Francisco, I always find myself back in Minneapolis. I have no formal post-secondary education after dropping out of college 3 times; frankly, I’m not a great fit for the current education system.

I’m a huge proponent of Ruby on Rails and will stick with it until something else comes along that has a comparable ecosystem and mature tooling, along with the ability to be as productive as I am with Ruby (and Rails, thanks to its ideas and conventions.)

Aside from business and app development, I’m a consumer fraud expert and fraud prevention expert. Some would call me an investigator or consultant. Every so often I’ll get a call about a store being hacked — whether it’s in-store or online — and will be tasked to get to the bottom of what happened, how it happened, and where the financial card credentials ended up. From time to time I’ll write about preventing financial card fraud online.

When I’m not online, I’m probably enjoying the great outdoors or hanging out with my mom (hi mom!) (she made me write that), or finding a new place to eat.