The next great SaaS has a file extension of XLSX


Companies with a headcount of 25-250 contact me frequently. They have one concern: they know they can be more productive, they just don’t know how to get there. I’m usually emailed by a Google-savvy employee or secretary. They’re low on the totem pole, and I tell them that I’ll meet with two of the highest-ranking people who know the operations of the company inside and...

No, you’re not the CEO


You’re not the CEO of your single-person LLC that generates revenue less than $500k (if it generates revenues at all); even then you’d barely fit the label CEO. Owner is better. You’re not the CEO of the chair you rent out at a salon. This one baffles me. You’re not the CEO of your one-person photography studio. Your assets are probably worth more than your revenues...

How I organize my Rails projects


After¬†rails new¬†comes a lot of decisions. Rails has great conventions but lacks documentation and in-house libraries for services, presenters, form objects. There’s also the debate about what to do with lib. Like most people, I have my preferred ways of doing things that serve me (and my clients) well. Admittedly, a lot of the inspiration for my ways of doing things comes from GitLab. Hats...