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My opinion on application_thing.rb vs base_thing.rb


I recently wrote about application_things and how having them will steer you into building more maintainable Rails applications. But I want to talk about going deeper. Let’s say you have a path of /my in your routes. /my has a lot of things, like a controller to manage credit cards, invoices, stuff like that. |- app |---controllers |------application_controller.rb |------my |...

It’s okay to love Ruby on Rails in 2017


It’s okay to love Ruby on Rails for web development in 2017. There was a time when every third post on HackerNews was relevant to Ruby on Rails, if not Ruby. That time has passed. Does that mean Ruby on Rails is dead? No. Picking a language or framework is kind of like adopting: the older they are, they less cool they seem. Having said, Ruby on Rails is mature; it’s that older dog in the...

No, you’re not the CEO


You’re not the CEO of your single-person LLC that generates revenue less than $500k (if it generates revenues at all); even then you’d barely fit the label CEO. Owner is better. You’re not the CEO of the chair you rent out at a salon. This one baffles me. You’re not the CEO of your one-person photography studio. Your assets are probably worth more than your revenues...