Not open source

Kioskable [2016-?; live]

Trying to break the interactive kiosk industry.

TenantGram [2014-2015; exited]

Read-receipts and messaging history for landlords to their tenants (sold)

Viabletype [2012-2016; dissolved 2016]

A consultancy that in its heyday was pumping out seven-figures (dissolved)

MediaLayer [2007-2015; closed 2016]

Web hosting company focused on quality and high-end solutions (founder passed away and subsequently closed; RIP GSV)

Whoa.IO [2011-2012; 2012 exit]

Web hosting company focused on high-performance developer nodes

ExitLogic [2010-2011; 2011 exit]

Web hosting company focused on quality shared hosting solutions (sold)

Open Source


I send a lot of mail in my apps. I wanted a way to keep track of what emails are sent. I also wanted a way to manage my mailers from ActiveRecord so I didn’t have to push every time I made a change (a feature inspired by my hosting days, where I used WHMCS).

This does all that by hooking into ActionMailer and doing some cool things. I’m really proud of it, though it’s not that popular.

Mattermost Ruby

Mattermost is a great open-source chat platform, very similar to Slack. They have an API, but no official Ruby client, so I made a Ruby client.

Josh Stack

When I don’t deploy to Heroku, I deploy to a node running Ubuntu. This is a collection of recipes and controls for the amazing Mina — which is like Capistrano, but better.

ActiveAdmin Associable

I use ActiveAdmin for all my projects because I don’t want to have to write CRUD/filters/sortable tables for every resource I have. This gem adds a dropdown menu to each resource that contains links to every associated resource, for quick filtering and lookup.