The Rails styleguide

As programmers, we read more than we write. This means we’re master linguists.

One of the most undeniably useful features of Ruby is how expressive it can be. how_expressive? :very_expressive!

We can use

The idea

Ruby on Rails is sometimes called “Basecamp generator” because it was originally the generic pieces extracted by DHH when he was creating Basecamp. DHH had a collection of opinions on how web applications should be built. Whether or not you share these opinions is irrelevant, but the more you give into his ways, the less work, the fewer headaches you’ll undeniably have.


There are many examples of this. Some of these bits are in conversations I’ve had, some of which I’ve found on the internet when searching for grievances.

But I have to manually specify my table name for ActiveRecord

You do, if you don’t follow its conventions. It takes care of this for you. In the off-chance that you do have to manually specify it,