## The design pattern I swear by when developing Ruby on Rails applications

On May 24, 2020

Use namespacing generously to have a maintainable and well-organized codebase.

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## Organized code made easy with ActiveSupport::Dependencies::Loadable

On May 8, 2020

Use require_dependency to make your code more organized.

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## Querying and serializing one million records in Ruby on Rails

On May 1, 2020

Tips and tricks when querying your database and serializing objects in a performant and maintainable manner.

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## How Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord chaining works

On August 22, 2019

Returning self makes this clever API slick.

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## Trivial Batch Actions in Ruby on Rails

On April 15, 2019

Writing an elegant and DRY API to handle batch actions in Ruby on Rails.

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## Purging ActiveStorage attachments with a familiar API

On March 19, 2019

Use ActiveModel::Attributes to easily create a familiar API for purging ActiveStorage Attachments.

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## Custom exception patterns in Ruby on Rails

On January 11, 2019

Creating custom exceptions specific to your app's needs is a powerful way to convey intent. What do they look like and where should you put them?

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## Custom headers for HTTP statuses in Ruby on Rails

On November 3, 2018

Adding headers for specific HTTP statuses in Ruby on Rails easily with super.

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## Using Rails ActiveModel::Attributes and practice ActiveModel examples

On August 6, 2018

Use ActiveModel::Attributes in your models to get the schema-back attributes you love without the schema requirement.

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## Keeping it classy with Struct

On May 25, 2018

Using Struct to bundle attributes together using accessor methods without having to write an explicit class.

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