Articles tagged Ruby

## Creating a framework for Framework7 on Rails

On September 5, 2022; in Ruby, JavaScript

Because you don't want to write that much JavaScript.

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## How to Create a Ruby JSON HTTP API Client Gem

On May 5, 2021; in Ruby

A definitive guide to designing, architecting, and writing a gem for consuming a JSON-based REST API in Ruby.

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## In Praise of Styleguides

On April 19, 2021; in Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Hey, listen!

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## How to remember `Array#shift` vs `Array#unshift`, and `Array#pop`

On August 23, 2020; in Ruby

Bathroom jokes.

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## Ruby blocks in a few minutes.

On July 19, 2020; in Ruby

A quick and practical guide to seeing blocks being used.

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## Using Ruby Prepend to make your code super

On June 15, 2020; in Ruby

It's super duper cool.

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## Keeping it classy with Struct

On May 25, 2018; in Ruby

Using Struct to bundle attributes together using accessor methods without having to write an explicit class.

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